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CoreLabrat is growing! CoreLabrat is a place where gamers gather to talk about games, podcasts, multiplayer, and other fun stuff. It's early in the game, join now!

Some links will not work while we get the new site online. Join us on IRC @ #labrat.

  • CoreLabrat is relaunchign under a bigger umbrella. Our Minecraft server will be online soon, as well as a new rebranded site with more features covering a wide variety of gaming and gaming content. If you are a gamer, podcast creator, developer, or avid gamer at heart, join us! It's early and there are a bunch of awesome things planned. Join the discussion, come visit us on IRC and stay tuned for more updates!

  • Guess what everyone!

    After a year and a half of being in development, I'm proud to announce that our Photo Galleries are online! Currently there is not much but we will soon be uploading plenty of images and new albums of the server. If you guys would be interested in User Uploaded galleries, feel free to let us know in Chat. If there is enough interest, we will add User Photo Galleries.

    NOTE: Photo Gallery is temporarily offline while the site is relaunched. Stay tuned.

  • The server is celebrating it's 2 year old birthday! Along with it, we have a new website as well as a few announcements. First of all, our Tekkit Server has been upgraded and now runs Voltz. The address is if you wish to join.

    On the vanilla minecraft server there have been new changes. The spawn world has been switched to Limbo. To access the 2 year old Astro world with all homes, builds, stores, etc, use "/warp astro". Limbo is the new world and open to freebuild.

    Also, Minecraft 1.5 has been released! Please hold off on upgrading your client because we are not upgrading until CraftBukkit (our plugin manager) releases their 1.5 release as well. This can take a few days, so until then we are on 1.4.7. As soon as 1.5 is out, the server will be upgraded. With this update, a new modpack will be released.

    UPDATE: The server has been upgraded to Minecraft 1.5!

    If any of you 2 people that read this site has any questions, ask in IRC or Web Chat.

  • Download

    Instructions (Click to Enlarge)


    That's it! Also we have a new server address. Use this to connect:

  • We are now on Factions! The commands are easy, just type /f to get started. Factions are set up to be completely self sufficient. 

    You will need at least a builder rank to participate. Only Builder Plus rank and above can create a faction. Only Builder rank and above can join and use the factions system. A new Builder Rank Application will be going up on the site soon, and will be the new application for ranks. 

    Be sure to check in the community store in market! Never know when there will be a steal to take advantage of. And finally, SteelDrake's new potion shop is open. Check it out at the lodge near market.

    UPDATE: Factions is no longer part of the server.